Technology for us
is a must…

Özel yazılımlarla kablosuz haberleşen hareket sistemleri

Sensörlü araçlar

Gece/Gündüz Otomasyonları

Mimari programlarla yapılan çizimler

3 Boyutlu yazıcılarla model üretimi

Architectural Drawings

14.000 drawing actions for one building

The 1/87 scale models of buildings, ships, vehicles, fountains and figures we make are all drawn on architecture softwares before they are printed by 3D printers. For example, the animation you see here of the historical Ahmet III Fountain, has been drawn with almost 14.000 drawing actions on the software. The architectural drawing took about one month. Completing all drawings for an exhibition take up to three years to be completed.

3D Printers

90% of our models are produced on 3D Printers

125 buildings and about 10,000 figurines (people, vehicles, animals) which make up our Istanbul Centuries Ago Exhibition were produced on our own 3D printers. For our Izmir Exhibition we already printed 2500 rowing boats and 50 commercial vessels. Our printers work all day and night even after we go home. They are very loyal to us…


Km 3D Filament




Gemi Çizimi


TB Arşiv Alanı

Footnote: Averages for one year

Automation Systems

We are only using one out of hundreds of prototypes we produce.

For our visitors, we create large model cities which reflect historical periods. We do not stop there but use wireless systems we developed to get people, boats, carriages moving and even building chimneys fuming in order to simulate real life cities. We output the original sounds. To achieve these, we have built hundreds and hundreds of prototypes since we began.


Lots of handwork and artistry.

3D printers produce models which are hardly ready for exhibition. Our model makers use archival material to bring them to life. They color, paste, illuminate for hours before the models are ready for the exhibits.

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